About Us

At 2WICE we provide quality clothing that’s comfortable and pleasing to the eye. We give you the suit of armor for you go-getters who know that quitting at the first hurdle isn’t the option.

Okay that’s cool and all; a bland mission-statement, but WHY do we do this? What drives us?

Well this started a good while back, when we separetely started started our own fashion ventures in college. A lot of time and effort we put into crafting a message and creating a product, it took hours on hours while juggling the responsibilty of uni projects and exams.

Can you guess by any chance what these businesses were called?

No of course not — they both bombed.

We didn’t succeed for a multiple different reasons. But, did it matter? Did we see it as losing? Well, it would’ve been a loss if we didn’t do something with this feedback.

That’s why a couple years later we dusted ourselves off and we decided to roll the dice again. We weren’t interested in throwing in the towel in the first round.

Now we knew certain pitfalls, the potholes in the road so to say. The routes we should take and what path we could better avoid.

Still we don’t have all the answers, but we now know better what questions we have to ask ourselves.

If after one setback we’d decided to quit, were we really getting the most out our prior experiences?

We for sure think not. That’s what 2WICE tries to embody.

We want to be the living example of what can happen if you try 2WICE.